Couch to North Channel: Training Week Two

Week in Review:

My son Tiernan is hyper verbal around topics of high interest to him (e.g., sports). He is not and never has been a child who would produce a detailed personal narrative about everything that happened in his school day, or the type to ask questions to find out about my own day. So… at the dinner table to encourage reciprocal conversation, we shared our “highs” (fun moments) and our “lows” (things we would change in retrospect). I’m going to recap my week here in that same fashion.

The Highs: 

  • Spent quality family time with Tiernan at a Blazer’s game Friday Night (he treated me for an early birthday present, and forked out money for closer seats, rather than the nose-bleed seats I usually get for us).  Walked Clarence on the sunny days after work.
  • Swam 20k in the pool (6k Monday night, 6k, Wednesday night, 6k Thursday night, 2k recovery swim Saturday afternoon).
  • Completed four one hour Barre3 classes in the Orenco Station studio.
  • Finished The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks in time for my Saturday night book club potluck.
  • Meditated daily with the Headspace App as part of the week one Barre3 January Challenge.
  • Survived the “Back to School Blues” (my first 5-day work week post winter break)!
  • Moments of feeling calm, accomplished and empowered.

The Lows: 

  • Itchy skin, skin rash, dry/rough feeling skin, painful skin sensation along swim suit lines (more on this in an upcoming post).
  • Neck and shoulder pain in the pool, in the Barre3 studio, when completing paperwork on my laptop, and when trying to fall asleep.
  • Didn’t get in an open cold-water swim
  • Tiernan spent several hours per day home alone playing X-box live with his friends while I trained.
  • Maybe averaged 7 hours of sleep per night. I think sleep is important and would rather average 8-10 hours. Especially when increasing training/work load.
  • Anxious feelings cropping up during work on M,W,TH. The days of the evening 6k swims.
  • Didn’t schedule dentist appointments.


Activity levels recorded from past three months as on my Apple Watch: 

The Apple Watch activity app has three rings. The blue ring is for moving around every hour a minimum of 12 hours per day. The green ring is for completing a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise per day, and the red ring is for moving and burning 500 calories per day.  The days where all three rings are completed are what I would consider successful training days. You can see in November and December where activity levels are lower where I was sick and my respiratory system was recovering.




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