Just Diving Right Back In Here

Anyone who has ever swam with me before, or observed from the deck, can tell you that I am not one of those “the water is fine! just dive, or jump, right in here!” swimmers. I like ladders on docks attached to the shore, and ladders near (but not in) my lap lane. I like to ease in slowly grumbling to myself about how cold the water feels (even in an 80 degree pool when I’d been swimming outdoors in 50 degree water the previous day).

Single mom life has consumed me since my last post (Tiernan’s dad is in Norway until February, which isn’t conducive to long weekend swims or even daily practices). I was contemplating wading slowly into my posts again before Thanksgiving when I was off work, traveling to visit family, and swimming in cold, open water frequently, but on the return drive south to Oregon, I became extremely ill for weeks, which sunk me back onto the couch until 12/12/18, when I decided that although I was still too sick to swim, I would start cross training (more on this another time). Since Thanksgiving Day when I swam 40 minutes in 50 degree water, I have been in the water only four times (twice in the pool on 12/17/18 and 12/19/18 and two times in lakes (Christmas Eve and today, New Year’s Eve). So given my North Channel attempt is the last week of June, I better just jump off this couch and dive back in. Now I am looking at Couch to North Channel in six months!

Prior to Thanksgiving, I was swimming regularly in a new (to me) pool. The Forest Grove Aquatic Center, which is closer to home, and has more lap swim hours outside my working hours, than the Hillsboro pool where I have previously been training (I just wish the FG sauna was warmer like Hillsboro’s).  Also, I completed my qualifier swim for the North Channel swimming in the Puget Sound back on October 21, 2018 (See attachment at end of post).

Up and Coming:

Every year at New Years, my friends Jo and Joshua and I like to come up with goals that we would like to accomplish in the coming year. Two years ago today as we were sipping wine and playing board games, my goal was to solo swim the Portland Bridge Swim that coming July, which I registered for on New Years Day 2017! This year I have two huge swims on my calendar (The North Channel obviously, but I also want to be the first woman to swim around Bainbridge Island (second person recorded). This is tentatively scheduled for Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and will be my last big training swim before I taper for the North Channel. As I have these two immense goals, I will just make a more normal New Years Resolution today: to write more regularly about my experiences and training plan.

I’m attaching to a link to my official observation form with all the details from my qualifier below for anyone interested. The water was cold and it was foggy. Also, I discovered that the Puget Sound also has Lion’s Mane Jellyfish! Lion’s Mane Jellyfish, Seals, and Orcas Oh My!

Happy New Years!

– Northwest Open Water Swim Association Observer notes


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