Project Couch to North Channel Swim in Eight Months:


Swim approximately 21.5 miles from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland to Portpatrick, Scotland (Start date window 6/24/19-6/29/19).  

The Participant: 

Veteran full-time single mom; Full-time Speech Language Pathologist (SLP), on school days; Weekend Tasting Room Associate at a winery; “Guppy” Open Water Marathon Swimmer.


Hypothermia, Lion’s Mane Jellyfish stings, not finishing and receiving a “DNF” (Did Not Finish. Fingers crossed that if this were to happen it would not be from drowning or being lost at sea).


To show my teenage son, and my students that with perseverance, they can accomplish anything they want to.

Driving Question Behind Goal: 

Is it possible for a single parent working full time, to effectively train enough to successfully swim the North Channel in less than a year?

Let’s find out! 

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